Monday, November 20, 2006



aCLC welcomingnight at ST4 Greenhills

so good event made possible through batchmates headed by an-an!

pics from en,kat,aba,mica,yani et al.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

BPI inuman :)


BPI inuman.alam nyo na kung bakit...haha

after the sisighunt in Pampanga, diretso agad sa bahay ni martin for the BPI drinks haha.

pics from cyndz and martin

Mila's Sisig (actually tokwahan ito eh)

so ayun. sabi ko ba't masususundan agad ung Aysee so dapat makati kme maghahanap ng sisig, pero nauwi kme sa Pampanga nung tuesday morning. biglaaan lang pero super sulet at worth it! pinakilala samin ni Martin ang MILA's.

MILA's Sisig (tokwa't baboy)
Location: Angeles, Pampanga
Specialty: Sisig duh. at tokwa't baboy at chicharong bulaklak

MOVE over AYSEE. So ayun. We went to the place where it all started from, Pampanga! :) Like karlo would say: SARAP SARAP. un din ung aking dagdagaan mo lang ng isa pang SARAP. For P150, you get a heaping, as in punong plato ng sisig talalga. tas ung sisig nya hindi lang dry. merong chopped onion, ear (incus,malleus at stapes haha) na chinop din, fats, crunchy pork strips, at ung malambot na pork bits. sorbang package deal na ung sisig nila tapos ikaw pa ung titimpla mismo sa sisig mo. ang dami talagang serving. tatlo kme tas we ordered 2 plates at 1 order ng chicharong bulakalak. muntik na kme matalo sa kainan. kahit ako napilita nlaang ubusin ung sisig kse ang dami. one plate can satisfy us three. haha. sori nagutom lang kme sa biyahe. pero alll in all..sulit at masarap. dinner time na di pa kme ganun ka gutom, w/o merienda pa un. haha.. nice one team sisig as martin would call it. so rating? 7 out of 5 stars! ganun yun! :)

so next stop?

1.probably TRELLIS near the HEART CENTER haha.

2. 01-02 December Sisig Festival. alam nyo na kung asan kme that time haha.
game! blockmates, or anymates, sino gusto sumama?



we were supposed to go sisig hunting in makati. pero nawi kme sa pampanga para makuha namin ung control group sa "thesis" namin haha. so martin,karlo and me natakam kme. we ended up in MIla's tokwa't baboy. sisig here is the best. read my entry. haha.

maglaway na kyo.

BPI eh.

Monday, November 6, 2006

AYSEE sisig :)

so ung cravings namin ay nasimulan na! sabi ko sa inyo eh. haha
after getting of grades we went to AYSEE near ultra for sisig

Location: along ULTRA near ST. Paul Pasig
Specialties: Sisig, crunchy tokwa't baboy, sizzling bangus ata un eh haha
Ang Hatol: so ung sisig nila masarap talaga i'll give it a 4 out of 5 stars (w/o egg). Hindi lang masarap, mura pa P70 isang order at sulit tlaga. Ang SARAP un lang masasabi ko. ung plaqce tipong mala carenderia or bahay type.3 orders of sisig, rice at drinks P307/4= P90 each! mura diba? Madaming tao ang pumupunta most of them mga nag wowork near the area. so kung pupunta kyo dito mga 1230pm para onti nlang tao.haha. parking is ok. you can trust the parking attendants. :) Sarap ulit-ulitin sisig dito! tama ba ako martin,han at karlo?

oplansisig:oneof themany


eh tinakam kme nina martin,karlo at han so we started the oplan sisig

first stop: AYSEE in front of ULTRA

wow ang sarap talaga ng sisig nilaaaaa!!! babalik balikan na ito

some pics. one of the many..keep track

Sunday, November 5, 2006

Aling Lucing's Sisig -- Pampanga's Best finally in Makati :)

Article ripped:                                                 

Move over Aysee, Aling Lucing is conquering Makati! For several
years, Aysee's Sisig in Pasig (near ultra) is the reigning branded
sisig and this is a lunch/ dinner destination in itself when you are in
the Pasig area. Aling Lucing's Sisig is the pride of Pampanga with its
original location in the "riles" or located near the railroad
in Angeles City (mental note: I'll blog about this original place one
of these days :) Also, Aling Lucing is the Grand Slam Winner of the 3rd
Sisig Festival in Angeles City held just last Dec. 2-3, 2005 besting
176 other contestants!! A lot to be proud about, and finally a
franchise was opened outside the malls along Pasong Tamo in front of
former Urban Bank (corner Buendia).
Sisig is a big part of the pinoy culture together with the Halo Halo
and Balut, so this is a must try even for a vegetarian like me (I can't
resist not to savor its taste :) I first heard about this from Spanx's review
and this place just opened last Feb. 14, 2006. The sisig was tasty,
yummy and you can taste that delicious secret sauce and ingredients
that ordering the Sizzling Big Shot (P130) is a must! The sisig is
definitely superb better than Gerry's or Aysee's I should say. Although
the marketing material was well thought of, they should have attracted
the after office inuman (drinking) crowd so they should offer San Miguel beer products.It is a turo-turo style and the sisig are served in sizzling plates.
You should insist on sizzling plates serving because my vegetable dish
order was served cold straight out of this open air counter. I learned
that this was a Franchise only, first outside the mall, because they
have branches in the SM Malls food courts. It would still worth it to
visit the original in Angeles (if you are within the area), and based
on Spanx's rave, it is authentic and faithful as it can be :)We ordered the Combo# 1, which is Sisig with Vegetable for only P69
(served with rice). For the same price, you could serve barbeque or
hotdog instead of the vegetable side dish. There were a lot of fats
still, but it was so tasty that you wouldn't mind eating it.



PASONG TAMO near the corner of BUENDIA

(right across the former Urban Bank Building

hoi blockmates,anymates and whoever, kailangan nating puntahan to! kelan ba tayo magpa-pampanga? i'm craving for sisig. game na bago matapos sembreak or kahit na may pasok na..puntaaa naaa tayooo. haha

Saturday, November 4, 2006



sori. i started early and died early.

happy bday marka! +clc

bawi nalang.never again

photos are ripped from enen and kat

puppy scandal bday party ni han!! ung puppy mahalay eh

Thursday, November 2, 2006


sorry wala akong magawa eh...i drew this shit.

emo is love

it only hurts when im breathing