Monday, March 31, 2008

DUO// Grad Family Dinner

29 March 2008

Waited 1.5 hrs for our food! :) ---worth the wait :) and I ordered thisss one :)
DUO// Surf N' Turf (!!!!!)

Sarap! :D

Loyola Schools Graduation 2008// how time flies fast, just like a blue eagle.

28- 29 March

At last, after 8 yrs of elementary (including Prep - prep masipag ako!!);
4 years of High School (G2004); and 4 years of Pre-Med (BS Bio); i think it's time to finally let go of this school i loved the most and try the school in the EAST :)

I will definitely cherish the moments:

GS: where Katipunan road was still filled with trees, where there weren't any flyovers /overpasses. I will miss the days where my school bus would pass by the old katipunan road (passing through the old wet market); I will miss the multi-colored GIANT SLIDES, Pergola, and the sandwich called "Fying Saucer", ska ung Stay Fresh (and also Mang Caloy, who let students rent from him, Trunks for P10 :p); and the infamous Horror Train during the feast of the Holy Guardian Angels :) P.S. Kinasal na pala si Ms. Herrera kay Mr. Larios (wtf!)

HS: I will miss the 1/4 sisig with rice for only P25 -meals everyday; I will miss Mr. San Pedro and the 20min military post he gave me dahil nka tsinelas ako nung pumasok ng school. I will miss Lai Fu, Mongolee, and MacBene (Sausage Rice- Breakfast!) hahahaha!!

Cloudy Skies

LS: I will miss Logistic-ing for Orsem and Blue Roast, Shempre ORSEM and BLue Roast Core! I will MISS BLock L2, ACLC- UWS chapter, Biology 2008 :)

"the juice is definitely worth the squeeze"

Thirteen EightyEight.

This is the culmination; Blueroast 2008.

I will definitely miss Blueroast Core :) Thank you!! (Jonats, Maja, Erick, Dan, Marj, Carlo, Aldo, Aisa, Nina, Andrew, Orbs, Marts, Chris, Den, Rina, Chrissie and of course to Leslie and Jp and Jan Ruiz! :)

P.S. Di nyo lang alam kung gano ko kayo pinapasalamatan at tinulungan nyo ako MAKAGRADUATE kahit na overtime na ang bel field :))

Since di ko din nagamit camera ko, ayan na lang pinost ko :) pics from leslie.


last 4 photos are from >

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Redefining Holy Week.

This for my Holy Week.
Sometimes He and He alone can break your fall. And it's the only thing that really matters :)

Beautiful Lord Leeland

When the storm is raging all around me
You are the peace that calms
My troubled sea
And when the cares of this world
Darken my day
You are the light that shines
And shows me the way


Oh, the beauty of Your majesty
On the cross You showed Your love for me!

Beautiful Lord
Awesome and mighty
I’m captured by this love I see
Beautiful Lord
Tender and holy
Your mercy brings me to my knees
It’s Your mercy that has made me free
Beautiful Lord

at the take two

When my sin is all that I can see
Your grace remains the shelter that I seek
And when my weakness is all I can give
Your gentle Spirit gives me strength again
And oh, the beauty of Your majesty
On the cross You showed Your love for me

Altar from the back

And I am lifted by Your love to sing!
It’s Your mercy that has made me free!

You’re beautiful, my Lord
You’re beautiful, my Lord

Time to redefine the holiness in this week :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sisig na Makisig.

15 March

Mila's Dagat-sig (sisig) @ Pampanga with matching Razon's MixMix (halohalo)
with blockmates :)


my firsts :) patapon haha
i take better scenery to shoot para mas kita ang effect :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

What's that saying?

Ok, anyone who says you can sleep when you die, tell them to come talk to me after a few months as an intern.Of course, it's not just the job that keeps us up all night. I mean, if life's so hard already, why do we bring more trouble down on ourselves? What's up with the need to hit the self-destruct button?

Maybe we like the pain. Maybe we're wired that way. Because without it, I don't know... maybe we just wouldn't feel real.

What's that saying? "Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer?" "Because it feels so good when I stop."

"your plum-colored shirt is great on you, sana          mo din"

Cafe Adriatico

when it's a straight line, there's no point in going around

This makes the rising sun so New

07 March

SOSE Student Research Awards [Awardees: Congrats to Han, Cyndz and Steven! and Kevs and Greg! and Miko, Jm and Dulce! ]

and the suupeer fun celebration after!! | sayang Han wasn't able to go :(
I learned 1 more card now i know how to play TWO :))

Interactive by Impy Pilapil

Twelve Senses @ AAG; skipped 2nd pabaon for this :))

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