Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Will Travel For Food: Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 (Tampines)

23-28 October 10

Din Tai Fung in Tampines Mall which was near my sister's place. Along with my mom and sister, we ate there again before leaving for Manila. I left SG earlier than expected, around 18 hours earlier (new flight schedule was 0010hrs) compared to the flight I originally booked. So I traveled alone, again. What's new? I'm so used to being alone. Haha. My mom followed the next day.

Preparing the XLB's

Basically, we ordered the same dishes as the last time. Like this Spicy Beef La Mien. It was so good not to order it again.

We tried this dish since my sister wanted to eat rice. I'm thinking that this was the pork chop with yang chow rice.

Two kinds of filling in the XLB. I forgot what. haha.

Xiao Long Bao
Xiao Long Bao soup-y goodness! :)

Din Tai Fung, i'll visit you in HK!

Din Tai Fung
Tampines Central
5 #02-01/31, Tampines Mall
+65 6787 0998
Mon-Fri: 11am - 10pm
Sat-Sun, PH: 10am - 10pm

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Will Travel For Food: Tampines Mall Food Finds

23-28 Oct 10

Food Finds in Tampines Mall

Xiao Bar Wang Taiwanese Street Food Snacks selling my favorite

Spicy Chicken Chop

Each A Cup - just like our local Zagu chain, but way better; more popular than Happy Lemon. There's so much flavored drinks to choose from.

Peach Yogurt Smoothie with Tapioca balls

Will Travel For Food: Chinatown Food Street, Food Republic

23- 28 Oct 10

in Chinatown Food Street

Oyster Omelette

Chicken Satay served with satay-peanut sauce (0.60SGD per stick)

in Food Republic, Vivo

Prawn Mee Laksa

*Edit: Hokkien Prawn Mee

Oyster Omelette

in Food Opera

Beef (Char) Kway Teow (stir-fried ricecake strips)

Chicken Masala with Basmati Rice

Chicken Satay (again)

that's a lot of food consumed in a day (by two people) :D

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Will Travel For Food: Happy Lemon, Fatty Weng, Makansutra Gluttons Bay

23- 28 October

Halo -Halong food finds in ION: Happy Lemon, Fatty Weng

and at long last, i found Makansutra Glutton's Bay! I wasn't able to find it the first time I was there.

Green Tea Rock Salt Cheese!!!
The second best drink, next to Butterfinger ice cream shake in Johnny Rockets.

FYI: There's Happy Lemon na in Promenade GH.

Rock Salt Cheese Green Tea drink in HL

Fatty Weng in Food Opera

Black Carrot Cake (4 SGD)

Makansutra Gluttons Bay near Esplanade Mall/ Theatres-at-the-bay

The famous Boon Tat Street in Makan. They're famous for their grilled Manta Ray :)

the tables

Happy Lemon
B4-35 Ion Orchard
2 Orchard Turn

Fatty Weng
B4-03/04 Food Opera Ion Orchard
2 Orchard Turn

Makansutra Gluttons Bay
1 Esplanade Dr
SG 079001
6336 7025
Subway: Esplanade
Open Daily 6pm-3am

Will Travel For Food: Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 (Wisma Atria)

23 -28 October 2010

Din Tai Fung lunch on our 3rd day in SG. This branch is in Wisma Atria along Orchard Road (Orchard Turn).

Since Crystal Jade opened its doors to the public in October, people have been flocking the place thus reducing our chances to eat their "famous" xiao long bao before leaving for SG.

Having recently tasted Crystal Jade's XLB, it was a big disappointment. Sorry Crystal Jade, you should remove 'Xiao Long Bao' from your restaurant name since you DO NOT DELIVER. (Cyrstal Jade Restaurant Review to follow). You can't match the Xiao Long Bao of Din Tai Fung.

The XLB in DTF is superbly delicious. The skin was soft but not easily ruptured. The soup inside was steaming hot and was adequate for the meat that came with it. The pieces were evenly spaced on the dimsum rack to allow proper distribution of heat within the compartment (unlike in CJ where the dimsum rack is small for 5 pieces).

5 evenly spaced pieces of xia long bao in a dimsum rack

Juicy and piping hot piece Xia Long Bao doused in 70% Black Vinegar and 30% Light Soy Sauce with ginger strips.

Shrimp Dumplings

Spicy Beef La Mien

For the La Mien, the Spicy Beef Noodles was the best spicy beef noodle dish I've ever devoured. The noodles were fresh and the broth was aromatic. There were plenty of succulent tender chunks of beef in the dish, and in addition, they almost melted in my mouth, telling me that it was delicately slow-cooked. I can't explain further, but what I know is that it was heavenly. The price was quite steep, pegged at 10SGD, but it was worth it.

Din Tai Fung Menu

Because it was so good, we ate there for the second time before departing SG :)

Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐
435 Orchard Road
#02-48/53, Wisma Atria
+65 6732 1383
Mon-Fri: 11am - 10pm
Sat-Sun, PH: 10am - 10pm

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Will Travel For Food: Watami Japanese Casual Dining

23 -28 October 2010

Watami Japanese Casual Dining. John's dinner treat! yey!

It was Saturday night, and ION was helluva place, like gateway mall on a rush-hour-friday. The queue for every restaurant in ION was soooo long, even dunkin' donuts. Thinking that my mom would be shocked to eat other Asian cuisine other than Chinese, Japanese or Thai, it was safe to eat in a Japanese restaurant on our first night in SG.

Watami's menu was quite complex, where dishes span from the traditional Japanese, going on to the more modern 'Omakase" style dishes. Since they (not me) were tired from the day's activities, they decided to pick the set menu instead.

The Watami Grand Menu

Watami Set Menu (from Watami site)

We then chose the set menu "Four pax for 95$SG". The set includes 4 single serve iced tea (or green tea) aside from the and various dishes:

Edamame (3.8) as appetizer (on foreground).
These soybeans are steamed-and-served-in-the-pods with a light sprinkling of sea salt.

Caesars Salad (8.8), topped with crisp bacon strips

Tompeiyaki which was omelette with sliced pork and raw cabbage (7.8)

Potato Mochi - chewy deep fried mashed potato served with slivers of butter (5.8)

Sashimi Mori (25.8) This consists of assorted sashimi: Salmon, tuna, shirmp, clams, scallop, octopus, and squid served in a bowl of shredded ice. What a nice presentation!

Sukiyaki Nabe (13.8) cooked on your tabletop using a portable stove

Salmon Stone Pot with rice (10.8)

Hire Katsu Tamago Toji (8.8) - Pork Fillet Cutlet with Scambled Egg Sauce, which is also cooked on your table using a portable stove.

Ps. Sorry for the photos, it was very hard to shoot under uber dimly-lit restaurants, like this one.

Watami Japanese Casual Dining
ION Orchard #B3-23
2 Orchard Turn, Singapore
(65) 6509 9366
11.30am to 10pm