Saturday, April 18, 2009

3 Bicol Escapade: Legazpi to Camarines Sur: CWC Take 2

15 April

Wakeboarding take 2 at CWC, Usual hang out in CWC, back to Legazpi, Nightout in the city, Gastoff for Dinner, Novellino and Franzia for the late night drinking session while Magic Sing-ing up to 4 am, since it's our last night!

We bought CWC shirts too! :))

4 Bicol Escapade: Mayon Volcano, Cagsawa Ruins, and the Airport Rush

16 April

Last day. Went to the View of the Mayon Volacano and Cagsawa Ruins in Daraga Albay. Photoshoot as usual! :)) Lunch at Bigg's Diner, Rueben Burger, Color Accent photos, Airport Rush, Pistachio Ice Cream! Off To Manila.

Super Fun and Exciting Bicol Summer Trip!

Bicol Summer Escapade
13- 16 April 2009

1 Bicol Escapade: MNL - LGP to Camarines Sur

13 April

Left Manila at 6am, arrived Legazpi, Airport Photos, stayed at Bjorn's place. Breakfast then off to CamSur for CWC. Kneeboarding and Wakeboarding 101, Swimming at the pool, shocking american women, Met up with Beri, Lunch, Wakeboarding again. Photoshoot - CWC style, L2 Spelling, Dinner, Isaw Grilling and then Wine&Beer Session.

2 Bicol Escapade: Legazpi to Calintaan Island, Matnog, Sorsogon

14 April

Woke up at around 4am and drove to Sorsogon. Then rode a bangka from Matnog to reach 'Subic' beach in Calintaan Island; fishpond hopping along the way too.

Super nice beach, blue water white sand, and a few people :) Swimming, beach pictorial and the like. Seafood lunch, fresh buko and beer.

Back to Legazpi at Bjorn's and went grocery shopping at LCC for Absolut Apeach-Lychee Syrup-Sprite for the late night session with 12 movies-in-1 dvd marathon. Watta fun night!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

At the ridge

02- 03 April

Tagaytay Summer!

Hotel hunting and landed in TEI
Mano's for lunch
Starbucks Summit Ridge & S1 for tambay
Buon Giorno for dinner-- the "OPIUM BED"
Inuman inside and TT time

Bag of Beans for lunch
People's Park

complete! :))

"Sana ako na lang ulit, Popoy"

"Bakit siya pa, bakit?"

hahahahaha! :))

Culinary food tour

of Tagaytay

1. Mano's Greek Taverna

Moussaka at Mano's Greek Taverna

2. Buon Giorno, Cliffhouse - blurry/sucky photos since it was dinner, had to use the TTL flash.

3. Bag of Beans

Bag of Beans/ Chocolate Pancakes
Chocolate Pancakes

Random Med

first 9 were shot last June - start of med school
all the others shot last March during the UPd photoshoot

Minolta XG1 - all on film.

sisig as usual

this was shot last March 2008 in Pampanga - the SISIG capital of the world (haha dito lang ata meron kasi nito :p).

Since ngayong March 2009 ko lang sha napadevelop kasi iniipon ko ung rolls ng film para mura kung sabay-sabaw :)) super late na diba?!

shot using Vivitar IC101 :p panoramic