Tuesday, October 25, 2005

post retreat

im happy im home after a very long weekend of silence. 5 days of no
talking, no eye contact no voice heard at all. mahirap pero masaya and
i got to reflect on various things in life that you wouldn't really
reflect on when you're at hope being pre-occupied and all. there, it
seems that the day is never-ending and all the things you do each and
every single day is routinary and you just can't stop and think that
all you got to do is "kain-tulog-dasal-kain-tulog"  every single
day. even if you have a room mate, you are not allowed to talk to him.
pero, masaya coz, you really get to know God more better and it helps
you to stengthen your spiritual growth.


this just came to my mind during the retreat

                   repeat no.

       you are there sitting silently on the bench

       and i stare at you intentionally

       looking at your angelic eyes that somehow speaks what you have in mind

       its hard to explain how i feel whenever you are near

       like christmas day on new year's eve

       like stars on a sunny june afternoon

       that's how i feel 'bout you

       you're priceless like a red jewel

       you're perfect like a dream come true

       why cant the world be a little bit more like you

       there's space for waiting, a time for longing

       and im just here to wait for you

       coz' time is nothing compared to you

       and you're a piece of heaven on earth

       that no one could ever turn their back to.

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