Sunday, April 22, 2007

Try too hard.


i'm not trying to find my place in your diary...

just when you thought things would work out just fine...but in reality they really dont work the way you wanted it to be. when things you give importance the most get lost along the way because we are so much focused on that thing. we aim for that one thing that we eventually disregard the periphery, which we dont give much importance too. in the long run, we lose everything even the things we disregard the most. we eventually end up with nothing.

it seems that things would never work out fine. i beg to disagree with Matt Wertz, 'cause everything's NOT right...


  1. ok na sana e.. sinira mo ng linya na yan e.. hahahaha=))

  2. Pao.. talk to me.

    huhuhu. kaya nakakatakot tuloy magbigay importansya sa mga bagay.. prang iniisip ko tloy na mas magandang magsimula sa wala..

    i love this line..