Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Acerbic :)

Movies have plots that seem to be almost the same. The Good vs. Evil. The storyline goes like this: the Good, at the start is oppressed and abused, but in the end, the Good still prevails. This is a standard. Any movie perhaps, in all genres, have this same kind of plot.

Most people say, the plot in movies depict reality, or this tell us what is going on on our everyday lives. The stories can happen to us, something we can relate to. They also impart a thinking that the good wins in the end...always. That's the main point of the story.

But reality says otherwise. The good never wins instead, evil prevails. This is what really happens in real life stories. People, whatever they do, they end up in shit. Their lives are
chopped into bite sized pieces and then screwed up,  for someone to chew upon. As they say, "It is the same old shit, only on a different day". No real life story favors the one who owns it.

This is what movies should be doing: depicting the reality--and not making some bullshit story that makes us believe that there is a brighter day ahead of us, Coz there isn't.

The reason for this is that we put the concept of 'goodness' on the pedestal. We adore this and aim to get this, but when efforts are futile, we then blame ourselves for cling-ing on it too much.

Some say that (even the plot of these movies are all the same--good winning over evil) the events that contributed to the ending is important rather the ending itself. Not!
--The thing that will determine the outcome of all is the ending. If you end up in crap, you really end up in crap. The "journey" going there becomes useless. Even if, would the 'journey" change the outcome?        No.

The movie which depicts a real life story is Romeo and Juliet. The Evil Prevailed! Both of them died, killed themselves. Their families, who were meddling in their affairs, instead of succeeding in separating the two, they end up losing both. They end in misery, they end up in shit just like any other.

Now that is a real life story.

**because it is like
standing in a wet cement: the longer you stay, the harder it is to leave...

---->write up sa yearbook! :)) hahaha :D

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