Monday, March 31, 2008

Loyola Schools Graduation 2008// how time flies fast, just like a blue eagle.

28- 29 March

At last, after 8 yrs of elementary (including Prep - prep masipag ako!!);
4 years of High School (G2004); and 4 years of Pre-Med (BS Bio); i think it's time to finally let go of this school i loved the most and try the school in the EAST :)

I will definitely cherish the moments:

GS: where Katipunan road was still filled with trees, where there weren't any flyovers /overpasses. I will miss the days where my school bus would pass by the old katipunan road (passing through the old wet market); I will miss the multi-colored GIANT SLIDES, Pergola, and the sandwich called "Fying Saucer", ska ung Stay Fresh (and also Mang Caloy, who let students rent from him, Trunks for P10 :p); and the infamous Horror Train during the feast of the Holy Guardian Angels :) P.S. Kinasal na pala si Ms. Herrera kay Mr. Larios (wtf!)

HS: I will miss the 1/4 sisig with rice for only P25 -meals everyday; I will miss Mr. San Pedro and the 20min military post he gave me dahil nka tsinelas ako nung pumasok ng school. I will miss Lai Fu, Mongolee, and MacBene (Sausage Rice- Breakfast!) hahahaha!!

Cloudy Skies

LS: I will miss Logistic-ing for Orsem and Blue Roast, Shempre ORSEM and BLue Roast Core! I will MISS BLock L2, ACLC- UWS chapter, Biology 2008 :)

"the juice is definitely worth the squeeze"


  1. nice photos! congrats, pao! nice being your batchmate this year. ;D

  2. kaw din!! graduate na tayo! wag ka na bumalik US!! :))

  3. nice pic! ang sarap maging true-blue noh? hehe.

  4. oo nga eh!! :) grabe tagal na natin dun.

  5. kkuuyyaa pao!! graduate na siya...congrats!! :)

  6. paolo paraiso congratulations!!! :)

  7. We'll miss you too Mr. Emoness. :)) Post mo na yung mga sabaw pics natin! Haha.

  8. sabaw pics!! haha i-papadevelop ko pa un before ka umalis i-post ko na hahaha

  9. graduate na tayo, wala pa rin ang sango ko!

  10. congrats paowee! may you find love in the east! ;p

  11. nanakawin ko na tlga itong pic na ito!
    minsan lang ngumiti ng ganyan si paoweee para sa picture ohhhh!!!
    thanks pao!!!!

  12. nag sm-smile naman ako ah!
    hahaha :))