Saturday, April 5, 2008

Like sushi for thesis :)

04 April

At long last natuloy din!! Our thesis group (Bjorn, Ivan and Me) started to plan our thesis a year ago over Sushi at Kitaro White Plains; and to end our thesis "journey", we decided to end it also by eating Sushi-Maki-Sashimi Platter at Kitaro Burgundy!!! Sobrang na- delay, pero natuloy din sa wakas!! From thesis topics on Kefir-induced growth medium to Newspaper Agar Media to LactoPafi...but we ended up with this:

Isolation, Characterization and In- Vitro Survivability Analysis of Potential Lactic Acid Bacteria from Locally Fermented Green Mangoes and Mustard Greens:D

This thesis enabled us to be one of the semi-finalist in the recently concluded SOSE Student Research Awards; and we were also granted the Departmental Research Award by the Biology Department, thanks to my thesis group :) [much more congratulations to the SOSE AWARD WINNERS :)-- previous album post]

"Senti Pics" (according to Ivan) --around and around :p