Sunday, August 30, 2009

Makansutra Asian Food Village

Another one from KF Seetoh. Makansutra Asian Food Village is designed in an open-kitchen island setup with 14 stations serving Filipino, Singaporean, Malaysian, Thai, Indian and a few Western dishes. It is similar to a food court or Kopitiam style where you can order from any of the self-service cashiers. It is like going to a hawker place located in the middle of a restaurant setting (OAP).

We just went there to eat at Makansutra, didn't enter Ocean Park :)


Roti Prata - This one is a winner. Aside from being cheap (P90), it tasted great with or without the curry dipping sauce. It was made to order by hand, which is then pan fried to a golden brown crisp. It was crispy on the outside and chewy when you reach the middle part. The curry accentuates the moist and fresh flavor of the flat bread.

Singaporean Laksa - Spicy and Hot, just as I expected! A curry based noodle soup topped with shrimps and strips of squid.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Cheon Fan Asado

Tom Yum Soup

If there was one dish we ordered that is a waste of money, it would be the tom yum soup. The soup was like the ones you get free when you order a value meal in any fast food joint. It only contained 1 or 2 shrimps, and the serving does not justify the P110 price imposed on it. Not worth trying either.

Oyster omelet - It was like scrambled egg topped with a few pieces of oyster. It was a tad oily too.

Phad Thai - Som's phad thai is way better than this one. This looks bland and also tasted bland. The nutty component of the dish was missing, and to add there was just 1 piece of shrimp present in the dish.

Improvement is needed in some of the dishes.

Makansutra Asian Food Village
2nd Floor, Manila Ocean Park
(behind Quirino Grandstand)



    But we have to try the other stations, kasi there was a lot to choose from and we couldn't possibly wolf down everything. Nice descriptions too! And FAIL yung Phad Thai, sayang!

    SOMS NALANG ULIT!!! This weekend! Haha! (OMG, ang takaw!!!!)