Monday, December 28, 2009

Johnny Rockets...Where The Good Times Roll

Two fresh patties, thick bacon, cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, ripe tomato, onion slice & special sauce.

25 Dec 09

After our annual reunion in the south area, we dropped by Eastwood Mall to try Johnny Rockets' famous burgers and shakes.

Crispy chicken club salad Chicken tenders served on crisp romaine and iceberg lettuce with chopped bacon, ripe tomatoes, grated cheddar cheese & choice or dressing.

Nothing exceptional, aside from the price. The chicken tenders were deep fried to a golden brown crisp but was moist and juicy inside. The salad came with the ranch dressing.

Butterfinger Ice Cream Shake = Genius

This one is a winner! If you know me well enough, you can attest to the fact that Butterfinger is my all-time favorite candy bar, and anything Butterfinger-y for that matter. And there is no other establishment around the metro aside from Johnny Rockets which serves Butterfinger shake (DQ's butterfinger blizzard is still considered Ice Cream). Who would've thought making a shake with all the buttery and chocolate-y goodness of Butterfinger would come out as an oh-so creamy goodness. The vanilla ice cream boosted the saltiness and sweetness of Butterfinger that I have always loved (and makes me come back for more). This one is definitely a hit.

The onion rings were thin, evidently burnt to a crisp and seemed to be mostly made of flour. There was little (to none at all) onion in every bite into the ring. Ordering this made our money go down the drain.

Bacon Cheddar Double Two fresh patties, thick bacon, cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, ripe tomato, onion slice & special sauce.

This is the burger I ordered and rather enjoyed. Two juicy patties, fried to perfection, two slices of cheddar cheese melted in between, topped with grilled onions, slathered with their special sauce... and oh! BACON! How can one resist all these in one burger?! I could say that the bacon slices did not taste anything from the normally packaged ones that can be bought in the supermarket. It was like homemade. Although superbly delicious, this baby comes with a price -- a steep one at that (Php595++).

Rocket Single (with cheese)

The Original with American Cheese

#12 on Wheat Bun

This burger did surprise me (in a bad way). It was just a single beef patty, topped with pickles, lettuce and ketchup. Although the menu said that the goodness of this burger exceeds The Perfect 10 (hence the name #12), it didn't do the same for me.

On the brighter side, dining here was entertaining. In the middle of our eating extravaganza, the servers took time out and danced for all its diners. The place was bustling with people enjoying their serving of fries, shakes and burgers. It looked like how a diner has always been portrayed - small, with booths on either end, with an open kitchen so that one can see how the food is prepared. The white walls gave a jovial feel to enliven the burger fest.

Overall, the burgers were excellent but considering the price, I could get better ones at cheaper costs.

So, topping my Burger List would still be (drum roll please)... BROTHERS BURGER. It's like hitting two birds with one stone -- you get the grilled to perfection goodness AND it still fits the budget.

Johnny Rockets
G/F Eastwood Mall, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave.,
Bagumbayan, Libis
(02) 470-2117

Photos were taken using our handy dandy Cybershot, thus the quality :D


  1. I dunno, when burgers cost more than steaks, something's off.

  2. i'd still go for a steak for that price.

  3. pero masarap ung burgers dba mahal lang pucha:))

  4. oo nga :( brothers na lang mura pa :))

  5. haha yup :) to the tune of fame pa!

  6. next time sama mo kame pao!! grabe mga pics ng burgers ah!! kakagutom!! O_O

  7. pucha! ang mahal nga ng burgers hahaha sulit ba? :D

  8. pwede na rin. natakam lang ako sa double patty-burger nila kaya un. masarap naman kaso mahal lang talaga compared to the ave price range ng burgers around.

  9. oo nga... para masyadong mahal... pero i love...

  10. waaaaah gusto ko tong matikman...! i love!

  11. syempre puro love yung nisulat ko... burgers=love... hehe

  12. hahaha. napansin mo din, burgers= happiness

  13. grabe! 600 pesos para sa isang burger!!! and i thought yung 400 peso burger ko sa Charlie's ay mahal na... :-S

  14. mahal lang sobra pero masarap naman. one time big time lang yun :))

  15. Sarap naman ng mga 'borjers' diyan. :D Nakita ko ito nung december 26... gusto ko rin ma-try. maganda talaga ung concept na 50s diner. stainless steel and neon lights haha. Bago mag-classes, dapat makapunta ako dito grabe! haha.

  16. woohoo ivan
    nag-online ka sa wakas.