Thursday, October 7, 2010

BRGR: The Burger Project

From the conceptualizer of Pino Restaurant and soon to open on 10 October Pipino (Vegetarian Restaurant), comes this new burger joint along Maginhawa St. in Quezon City. This customize-you-own burger is pattered from the famous The Counter Custom Built Burgers in the US, where an array of choices is presented to you on a paper, in checklist format.

The Counter: Custom Built Burgers Menu/ Checklist (mostly in California). The store in the US where the owner/s patterned his/their concept.

Steps For Maximum Burger Pleasure

In BRGR: The Burger Project, you are presented with the same concept where you get to choose your patty: beef, chicken or tofu (vegetarian); bun: poppyseed, potato bread, or oatmeal; cheese: bleu, mozzarella, gruyere or cheddar; premium toppings: bacon, chili con carne, caramelized onions, canadian bacon, pepperoni, deep fried onion rings (2pcs.), or guacamole; basic toppings: mango salsa, pineapple slices, jalapeno peppers, sundried tomatoes, egg, sliced onions, or sauteed mixed mushrooms; and type of sauce: wasabi mayonnaise, bbq, teriyaki, marinara, pesto, buffalo wing sauce, special BRGR sauce, or garlic sauce. Then, you also get to "name" your own burger.

The "pre-customized" burgers for thpse who lack creativity and passion for burgers, and eating as well.

ze checklist; yes, we both ordered a basket of fries (P60)

the outcome

dubbed as: "The Burger to Mend Your Broken Heart"
1-pc beef patty, poppyseed bun, blue cheese (which I had requested to be placed in the middle of the beef patty, mimicking "juicy lucy" burger), mozzarella, with bacon strips, sauteed mixed mushrooms, and bbq sauce. The damage: P240

bjorn's checklist

his burger

dubbed as: "The Bjorn Identity"
1-pc beef patty, poppyseed bun, mozzarella, with bacon strips, caramelized onions, sauteed mixed mushrooms, and the special BRGR sauce. The damage: P230

Service was good, and the burgers arrived on a reasonable amount of time. The wait staff were very accommodating and friendly too. Thumbs up for the new Customize-Your-Own-Burger burger joint in town :)

Ps. Pardon the photos, it was immensely hard to shoo guerrilla style under low light. It was raining too. I know, excuses excuses. haha.

BRGR: The Burger Project
122 Maginhawa Street,
Teachers Village, Q.C.
11am.-11 p.m. daily


  1. hoy pao! take me with you next time!! haha. may list na 'ko tuloy. chicken charlie, kapitbahay ko lang pala. gaaaah. take me wiiiith you!

  2. ay grabe to... nagutom ako bigla. sama ako!!

  3. may gumagamit pa pala ng multiply, akala ko ako na lang :p sige game lapit lang sa admu.

  4. kitty, waah malapit ka lang pala sa chicken charlie! swerte :) sabihan kita pag nasa area ako :))

  5. That guy yung brother nung basketball player dati diba?

    Your burgers look so good. But 'burger to mend your broken heart'? Er.

  6. iba na number ko! haha. 09175095082. ni-broadcast? haha! game! malapit ako sa mamon luk, sa chicken charlie, sa chinatown sa banawe, dun na house ko! grrrr! may asian twist dun, bago. at hongkong best foods ata!

  7. haha parang in-advertise mo lang na thriving food area and lugar nyo ah. :)) sales talk? :p sige sige imma text you soon pag napadpad ako. :)