Friday, November 2, 2012

Jeju Garden Unlimited Samgyupsal

 Jeju Garden Korean- Filipino Restaurant
 At last! Unlimited Samgyupsal for only P299. Better than Woori Jib!
Unlike Woori Jib, the cuts of pork here is bacon-grade, sliced thinly and without much fat. To add, the servers cook the meat for you.

Jeju Garden Korean- Filipino Restaurant
Marcos Highway, Mayamot,
Antipolo City, Rizal


  1. Wow, I want to try this! :) I only know of Don-Day Fresh Restaurant in Teachers Village, QC which also offers unlimited samgyupsal. But when I visit the area, I'll make sure to try Jeju Garden too. Daming banchan! Those come free with their P299 rate naman, ayt? :)

    1. Hi Sumi! Yup saw your post on Don Day! Very nice photos, i must say!

      Those (unlimited)banchan are served even if you don't go for the unlimited Samgyupsal. It's customary for the restaurant to serve banchan even if you're ordering just a noodle dish :) And oh, they serve free dessert too (choice of fruit or iced coffee).