Friday, June 5, 2009

A Cholesterol-laden Gastronomic Adventure

02 June

Pampanga - Clark - Subic (via SCTEX)

Mila's Sisig, Angeles
Yes, that yummy cholesterol-laden Pamapango pulutan served on a sizzling plate - a concoction of chopped grilled pig's cheeks and chicken liver smothered with onions, red-hot siling labuyo and kalamansi juice, that is sisig (C. Tayag)

Meat Plus Cafe, Subic

at Nayong Pilipino, Clark Expo


  1. I got my license na! i paid two f*cking thousand bucks! huhuhu!

  2. Sobraaa! :( kwento ko tomorrow!

  3. oh my GOD. =p~

    nasa clark na pala yung nayong pilipino?

  4. 2thou!! whaat P2000 divided by 126kph = 15.873
    so bale P15.87 ang cost ng bawat km mo excluding gas papunta ng SF para kunin ung license :p

    wala lang :))

  5. yup sa expo mismo haha. walang laman.

  6. accounting! ay wala pala tayo nun. sila marts meron :))

  7. paowee, you should try aling naty's sisig. it's near aling lucing's place in crossing (angeles). promise it's better! btw, try halo-halo sa corazon when you're in angeles. there's also one razon's branch in angeles that's authentic talaga. panis razon's here in manila!

  8. ui paturo pumunta dun sa crossing! :) di pa namin napupuntahan ung sa may riles ng tren sisig!

    na try na namin ung razon's sa angeles :) masarap nga tas mas mura ma sha hehe