Friday, June 5, 2009

香港 : Day 1

29 May

via PAL//
Both our first time in HK without tour. Pre-booked at BP Interntional Hotel. Supposed to be on the "tour bus" for transfer to the hotel from airport but we found that the bus is gone (actually later we found out that we were waiting for the wrong area hehe!). So we were left on our own to navigate the place using maps from the airport and the pile of documents I've downloaded then printed from the net. A dozen of printed out MTR station maps came very handy. Got lost around Central looking for bus 15C for the Peak. Thanks to the PEXers for a wonderful thread, it really helped a lot for first timers :)

*night pictures shot using P&S, naubos batt ng slr ko :(

Tsim Sha Tsui food finds (noodles, roasts, dumplings, egg tarts, )
Victoria Peak via The Peak Tram
Madame Tussaud's
Queen's Central & Lan Kwai Fong
Tsim Sha Tsui street food

The Peak Tram Station
Peak Tram Station

Sky Terrace: view from The Peak
Sky Terrace: view from The Peak

Roast Duck

Street Food!!


  1. Wow! sayaaaaa!!! di ko alam nag-HK ka! haha!

  2. Nakakamiss Ang pagkain sa hk! Street food + beef brisket + soy chicken galore!

  3. anung sabi mo, lagi kang nawawala? HAHA

  4. daming cheap tech dyan!! wohoooo!! gotto love HK :D

  5. tamang foodtrip lang hehe:))

  6. masarap to. beef tripe at "isaw"

  7. pati sa hk, iniiwan ako :( haha

  8. Elle Macpherson ata eh haha:))