Sunday, June 20, 2010

PhPhoto EB (15th Graphic Expo 2010)

19 June 2010

at SMX, Mall of Asia

PhPhoto meet up for Photographers Move (PhPhoto's version of Photographers Ignite) It was a very informative and fun session featuring the country's leading photographers in their fields.

Jay Tablante (Anime/cosplay), Ken Go (lights/shadows), Edwin Tuyay (photojournalism), Lito Genilo (wedding), Jun Miranda (of PCCI), Raymund Isaac (fashion), Anton Shecker (travel), Harvey and John Chua (advertising - adphoto), Jay Jallorina (landscape travel), and John Javellana (photojournalism).

Interestingly, Fiona won a lens dry case & I won a hefty leather wedding photo album from Albums & Co. :)


  1. technically dun napunta yung "entrance fee". haha. maganda yung shirt! :)

  2. tsss kuya pao! you didn't see me before your classes!

  3. i didn't forget kaya. Lets meet on a friday! :)) ill text you! Wait for it ha! :))