Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Anawangin Cove Adventure

04 to 05 June 2010

DIY aka. Man vs. Wild Anawangin Trip with Daph, Fx, Abby, Anma, Den, Mon, Les & Russ.

For God so loved the world, it rained almost non-stop during the whole trip. Going to Anawangin requires one to ride a motorized boat (or for the more adventurous type, a 4 to 5 hour trek via the mountains of Anawangin from Pundaquit). We braved the waves splashing directly to our faces. Daig pa ang Jungle Log Jam ng EK. :)) Though it rained, it didn't stop us from having a great slash grand time. Twas really fun!

Pitching tents pa lang, adventure na eh, pano pa yung iba :D

click here to view the **HI-RES/ LARGE** photos.

Dreamy dreamy

Anawangin Cove - right

View from the mini lagoon

View of the mountains of Anawangin

photogenic ang Anawangin ah!

Anawangin Outback Adventurethe beauty of having a tripod :)

merong photobooth pa :p

next year ulit! :p


  1. rave party?!
    ano nangyayari dito? i don't remember this at all! :))

  2. yaaakk. kadiri. private naman ito di ba?

  3. akala ko nga stop dance slash rave party at five in the morning eh :)

  4. for everyone to see. haha joke lang.
    yup private naman :)

  5. pao, can i get the hi-res version of this pic? salamats. :)

  6. oo, pero may mas lalaki pa ba rito? gusto kong i-zoom in yung mukha ko eh. haha.

  7. i hate you both. plz die in the woods. k thx

  8. ah. haha send ko sa mail mo na lang :)

  9. she looks like she's on the throes of a powerful trance-induced orgasm. :')

  10. i say yes. sino kaya pwede kong ilagay sa harap ni den pag i-photoshop ko yung pic :p

  11. Pao, sa Anawangin ka sumama? Akala ko sa Sagada dapat?

    Hahahaha. :)