Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Will Travel For Food: Toast Box Kaya Toast Set

23- 28 October 2010

Kaya Toast + Kopi + 2 soft boiled eggs = Kaya Toast Set Meal (4.20SG)

The most popular item on the Toast Box menu is this, called the classic toast box set. One has the choice on the type of filling they would like for their toast, including kaya (coconut egg jam), butter sugar, honey or peanut. This is served together with two soft boiled eggs, bettered by adding a dash of white pepper and a hint of dark soy sauce, and there, you've just eaten a traditional Singaporean breakfast. There are many branches of Toast Box in SG, this one in particular is in Raflles City Shopping Centre.

There's this joy I find in eating breakfast.

Because at the end of the day, all you have is tomorrow morning

Two un-cracked soft boiled eggs and kopi


soft-boiled eggs bathed in dark soy sauce and sprinkled with white pepper

The Classic Kaya toast: 2pcs of toasted white bread, hainanese kaya spread and slivers of salted butter

We ate this set meal 3 times during our stay. One in the morning, and the rest, during the late afternoon rest stops while walking around the city.

Toast Box
Raffles City
252 Northbridge Road #B1-44A
Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore

Ps. haha alam ko nothing special, kasi may ganito din sa Trinoma.


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