Saturday, November 13, 2010

Will Travel For Food: Wee Nam Kee in Novenaville

23- 28 October 2010

Lunch on our second day. At long last, I got the chance to savor the hainanese chicken goodness of Wee Nam Kee again.

Wee Nam Kee, Novenaville

Sort of al fresco' dining, no airconditioning systems here.

On the table:

Mixed Soy and Roast Hainanese Roast and Soy Chicken, white meat (breast); good for 4 ($SG16)

a small plate of Cereal Prawns.

This small order comes with 8 hefty pieces of fresh water prawns ($SG16). What got me so excited to eat here again was not the chicken dish, rather the cereal prawns. The dish was a mix of sweet-salty-milky-savory-spicy that explodes in your mouth as you sink your teeth into the juicy prawn-y goodness. It makes you want more :)

Wee Nam Kee (SG)
Novena Ville
275 Thomson Rd, Singapore
Open Daily 10:30am-2am
To get there: take subway to: Novena

* * * * * *

Side note:
Wee Nam Kee in Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati

It's a good thing, a former P&G-er based in Singapore decided to franchise WNK and put up a branch in Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati. The supposed opening date is on 29 October but I asked the man manning the cash register, I think he is the manager/owner of WNK in SG, and he said that they’ll be moving it on 14 Nov since the construction of the store would not make it on the proposed date.

Ps. 14 Nov is the opening for invited guests and bloggers/foodies; 15 Nov is the official opening for the public, which is tomorrow!!! yey! :)

Wee Nam Kee (Ph)
Ayala Triangle Gardens (behind the Stock Exchange)
corner of Paseo and Makati Avenue
Open to the public on 15 Nov 10 (TODAY!!!)
To get there: take MRT to Ayala station

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