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BonChon Chicken

19 December 2010

Long Overdue BonChon post.


Rush Hour

Though Chicken Charlie started the twice-fried chicken phenomenon here in Manila, BonChon pioneered it first, well, in Korea and Singapore (4 Fingers).

I got to sample 'bonchon' style chicken in Chicken Charlie way back August of last year in their Retiro branch, and this gave me the idea what to expect in the BonChon franchise in the Triangle. I must say that Chicken Charlie did a good job in their version of twice-fried chicken texture-wise; and having sauces (soy-garlic and sweet-spicy) at par with the original. The only difference is that BonChon prices are way steep compared to CC's.

6 pieces drumsticks and 8 pieces wings

First we ordered 6 pieces drumsticks and 8 pieces wings, both half & half (soy-garlic/sweet spicy), a cup of long-cut fries (P50, i think)


and a small order of pickled raddish (P45). It took around 30 to 45 minutes before we got to eat, not to mention the long waiting time before we got the chance to find a seat (it was a sunday night, christmas season).



I got the drumstick first, took a bite and woah, it was like Chicken Charlie's. I was on my 4th piece of wing, and suddenly I realized the difference between the two; it was the meat. I noticed that BonChon's meat was not as tasty as CC's, meaning, the flavor of BonChon's did not seep in.

Yes, BC's was moist, juicy and tender, but the flavor didn't penetrate the meat itself. In Chicken Charlie, the meat was tasty and flavorful, in addition to its being moist tender and juicy. Yeah, BC's was great but personally, I prefer Charlie's.

Service-wise, i find the staff of BC inefficient, even the manager. The cashiers have attitudes too. Don't think that being an employee of a 'hot' franchise gives you the right to disregard costumers waiting for seats who haven't bought yet.

Ps. In addition to the orders above (6 pieces drumstick and 8 pieces wings, long-cut fries and pickled raddish), we had an additional order of 6 pieces of drumsticks

and yes, we were only 3 at that time (3 hungry adults). Talk about gluttony :)

BonChon Chicken
Ayala Triangle Gardens
Ayala Avenue, Makati
(63 2) 621-6188

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