Friday, February 4, 2011

Mercato Centrale @ the BGC

08 January 2011

It was the first Mercato weekend since the new year's day. For the longest time, I wanted to go to Mercato ever since it started late November of the previous year, but never had the chance due to school. So to start off the year right, Mercato Centrale, he we go.

Mercato Centrale is located inside the Bonifacio Global City Compound where its closest landmark within the vicinity would be The Spa. Actually, you'll never miss the big white tents when you enter the BGC via C5.

Tent fronting The Spa

Organic Food Products area

Ever since our early Banchetto fridays, we're constantly searching for good burgers, and luckily, there were several good burger stalls in Mercato worth trying.

Grilled Beef Pattie

with Cheese slices on top

Beurre’s Gourmet Burgers Stall

Beurre’s 'The Ultimate' BIG -B Gourmet Burger (P150)

There's this buzz about the Krispy Kreme Burger which really made me curious to see and try.

Offbeat Cafe is the one selling the Krispy Kreme Burger

Krispy Kreme Burger (180Php)

Original Glazed KK donuts, cut in half, with a beef patty, slivers of natural bacon, eggs over easy, and a slice of american cheese. Woah. It was way too much for me. It was sooo good that it's enough for me to have tasted it, but i think i wouldn't have it again. It worth trying, but it's not worth going back for, not that it isn't good, but the thing is, it's 'atherosclerotic', I'm sure :))

Jamfoods Angus Beef Tapa

dubbed as the best tasting and really tender Angus Beef Tapa in Manila

Frozen Angus Beef Tapa for those who want to take it home.

What became the highlight of my Mercato experience was the Fish and Chips of Chuck's Grubberie.

Chuck's Grubberie

Menu *Update: New Price list (Basic Dory Fish and Chips at 150Php as of 05 Feb 2011)

Chuck's Grubberie Beer-Battered Dory Fish and Chips :)

The chunks of dory were coated in beer-batter, golden fried to perfection, and placed on top of a mound of salted and peppered potato wedges, served in a traditional make-shift paper cone, Manchester style. Each order also comes with your choice of dip: garlic, tartare, and traditional malt vinegar.

The fish was cooked perfectly inside-out, and the beer flavor seeped through the fish chunks beautifully. It was moist and refreshing at the same time. It potato wedges had the right done-ness and were seasoned well. In my opinion, this was the best fish and chips I've tasted, much and way better than Fish and Co.'s version. It was really that good, I must say, being there for three Saturdays just for this. :)

Overall, Mercato Centrale is a weekend market worth going to. Great food, Great ambiance, and reasonable-priced items up for sale.

Mercato Centrale @ BGC
30th Street cor. 9th avenue (you'll never miss it)
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Saturdays & Sundays, 7am to 2pm.

**New Schedule:
Fridays , starting 11 Feb, 11pm to 2 am.
(may kahati na ang Banchetto Nights ko :p)


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