Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sedap Singapore Series: Lor 8 Geylang

A Singapore Food Safari Series.

Singapore is a food lover's paradise, the country where people are passionate about their food and how they eat their food. I was oh-so-ready coming to this country, just as prepared as I was for my comprehensive finals in Pediatrics last semester. Of course, I was not to go in battle unarmed. I researched very well for dishes Singapore is known for; and not just only that, I also sought (electronically) for the right places to get them.

First stop: a small eatery along Lorong 8 Geylang (since this was the nearest, well-ventilated eating place we could find around the area). This was the first meal I took since the take-off in Manila. Geographically, it was just a (gazillion) few steps from our hotel, which was along Sims avenue, Lorong 3 Geylang.

Various dishes to choose from: meats, fish, vegetables, und so weite

I guess this is a hawker stall, basically it is Singapore's version of carinderia or turo-turo. As an outsider, I don't really know what the dishes were but sure they look appetizing and yummy basing from the aroma and texture of the dishes that appeared before me. I just pointed to auntie(fyi: auntie is the term used to address a middle age female in Singapore) the viands I think I would like to eat, as a combo meal, served with rice on a single plate.

Barbecued Pork + Spicy Ribs with rice = SG$2.50

This was my dish. I must say that even though I really don't know what I was pointing then, the dishes I picked were quite scrumptious. They were full of flavor and tasted fresh, or freshly- cooked.

Barbecued Pork + Garlic Kangkong + Something Omelet with rice

Fried Tofu + Garlic Kangkong with rice = SG$2.00

You can choose 1, 2 or 3 different dishes, may it be vegetables or meat. Prices range from SG$2 to SG$4 depending on the combination that you took.

Funny thing is that in order to sit so you can eat, you have to buy drinks from the adjacent drinks stall, since they own the area where the tables were. So I ordered Horlicks. I specifically said for it to be cold slash iced, but I guess the girl didn't understand my trying hard Singlish. So thus, it was served hot, piping hot. When I asked for ice, I was shocked to know that they are selling it, 30SGcents a cup. Whatta. Oh well. I guess they are taking advantage of the hot-slash-humid temperature there. :)

More Sedap Singapore Series to come! :D


  1. Natawa ako dun ah! Binigyan ka ng hot instead of cold??? Haha! Mahilig ka nga magfood trip.. :)

  2. Nakaka-frustrate pag hindi nila naiintindihan yung sinasabi ko. :))

    Yup!, foodtrip talaga habol ko kapag may bagong pinupuntahan :p

  3. pao!!! kakagutom!!! kailangan natin mag out of the country food trip! XD sa summer! bago mag start ang JI-ship XD

  4. yun nga, kailangan mag-ipon pa, pero gusto kong bumalik dun. :))
    for the ultimate out-of-the-country food trip. haha.

  5. hindi na :( wee nam kee and tiantian lang and na try ko. oh well. haha :)

  6. ok lang yan! mukha namang ang saya mo sa mga nakain mo eh :))

  7. haha :)) yup, sinulit ko yung five days :)