Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sedap Singapore Series: Bakery Point & Mr. Bean

A Singapore Food Safari Series.

Bakery Point sells various types of bread like egg tarts, muffins, floss, pianono-looking rolls with floss, etc. This store is all over the city, most conveniently located near MRT stations and shopping centres. The kinds of bread here are similar to those being sold at Bread Talk and Bread Society, which originated in the Red Dot. Compared those being sold in Bread Talk, the prices here are cheaper, ranging from a little less than SGD1 to SGD2.50 each, and they pretty much taste the same.

bread on display

Spicy Pork Floss Roll wrapped in Nori with creamy Japanese mayonnaise filling plus more mahu inside = great bread pick!

Fire Floss Roll with Chopped Chives with creamy Japanese mayonnaise filling plus more mahu and chopped chives inside

red bean biscuits

Sweet Tau Sar Piah
-This tasted unusual since it has a red bean paste filling which was kind of dry. I expected a paste-y or a thick consistency, though I liked the texture of the bread since it was flaky and biscuit-y.

Taisan-tasting bread with cream filling topped with mahu

Creamy Egg Tarts - see how they glisten

Mr. (Soy)Bean(ery)

This store sells soya milk

soya blended ice shake coolers,

and also soya bread slash Japanese pancakes with fruit fillings

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